Hi there,

My name is Christel Wakker.
I am born in a little town called Nieuwe Pekela, Holland.
In 2007 we moved to Canada.
Well Me and my lovely husband wanted to do something else.
The way we were living in Holland was mostly doing the same over and over again, and I got tired of that.
I didn't want to be the woman that was still at the same spot in her life when she would turn 65.
So we came over here.
Pretty well prepared I think. We made friends in Leduc that helped us  with our first rental home.
That made the first steps really good to start with. Thank you Steve and Robyn.
And by the time we came here Gerard already had a job.

Now I just make a little jump to where I got into photography.
After being here for about 2 years I really got into photography. I bought a C anon SX10IS that was a really good start but quickly turned out to be not enough for me.
I got to know the camera really well and it came to a point that I was missing things.
So hunting on the internet I found what I like to think of  a really nice camera. Again a Canon. this time a dslr 50D.
Me and people around me saw the differences in the pictures as they got better and better.
People around me told me that I have the "eye" for capturing nice images, and I should do more with it.

Finally after the birth of my son and all the dozens of pics I took from him I realized that I would really like to make a living out of creating images and sharing my views with the world.
So here we are, finally made the steps to more advertisement and accepting photo shoots.

I still have a lot to improve and learn but  that's life.
What would life be without learning and striving to get better.
I hope I can make people happy with my pictures and service.