Sunday, 27 November 2011


Hi every one ,

It's that nice and white time of the year again.
Sometimes  a little cold, but on those other days so beautiful and white..
We're you planning on making personalized Christmas cards? Now is the time to book your photo shoot.
On my Winter Special page you can fine more information.

Enjoy the nice winter wonderland.
And specially be safe..


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Selling some stuff

Hi there, welcome back at my blog.

As of today I decided that it is time to sell some of my photo's
I hope you're interested in them.
 Here are the first ones I put up for  sale

I have to say that the flowers just look awesome on canvas and the black&white ones of the cars on posters.

On canvas.
80x60 cm  $175.-
60x40 cm  $150.-
40x40 cm  $125.-

On posters
100x75 cm  $75.-
75x50   cm  $60

60x40   cm  $50.-
40x30   cm  $40.-

On aluminium
80x60cm   $225.-
60x40cm   $200.-
40x40cm   $150

On plexiglas
80x60cm  $260.-
40x40cm  $200.-
60x40cm  $235.