Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Selling some stuff

Hi there, welcome back at my blog.

As of today I decided that it is time to sell some of my photo's
I hope you're interested in them.
 Here are the first ones I put up for  sale

I have to say that the flowers just look awesome on canvas and the black&white ones of the cars on posters.

On canvas.
80x60 cm  $175.-
60x40 cm  $150.-
40x40 cm  $125.-

On posters
100x75 cm  $75.-
75x50   cm  $60

60x40   cm  $50.-
40x30   cm  $40.-

On aluminium
80x60cm   $225.-
60x40cm   $200.-
40x40cm   $150

On plexiglas
80x60cm  $260.-
40x40cm  $200.-
60x40cm  $235.

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